Who Fixes It and When Do I Fix it?

Who Fixes It – Choosing a Roofing Company

All you have to do is wait after any big hail storm to hear the horror stories of “fly-by-night” roofing companies who have made promises, grabbed your money and left town.    On the other hand, you just won’t hear that story from those who have trusted RJ Construction with their roof.    Roofs are one of those necessary, but forgotten, parts of caring for a home or staying in business.    You just don’t think about them until you have to do something about them.

Choosing a roofer can be very challenging.    When your neighborhood experiences a damaging hail storm, you’ll see roofing signs on neighbor’s lawns within 2-3 weeks.    Don’t rush, but do what everyone else is doing these days …   Check Roofers out online.    When you do this, you’ll find the folks at RJ Construction have accumulated an impressive list of testimonials from customers all over North Texas and Kansas City.   Whether its Buildzoom, Angie’s List or Google My Business, you’ll find many good experiences from past customers.    In fact, Buildzoom recommends RJ Construction and has given RJ a rating of 114  (Buildzoom only recommends those roofing companies who score 95 or above).    Angie’s List and Google provide several testimonials so by now you’re feeling good about RJ Construction making your house “better” again.

When Do I Have My Roof Replaced?

Assuming your roof wasn’t demolished by the storm, AND you have the luxury of choosing when they can repair it, how do you decide?

Everyone’s situation is different, but there are some basic rules of thumb to follow:

The extent of Damage

If you just had wind damage, then your roof is intact and it may go for a while.   If not, think about …

Water and Electricity Don’t Mix    

You have a leak and its close to wiring, sheetrock may be weakened, etc.    Don’t fix this yourself!   Have the professionals provide a “workaround” that’s safe and get yourself on a schedule right away.

Insulation Saturation   

Everyone who has a roof has insulation!     This helps keep your energy bills low and saves you money so if it’s all wet, you’ve lost the value of insulation and you have to remove it so it doesn’t affect your sheetrock, etc.     In most cases, insurance will pay for a layer of new insulation and it’s well worth the investment.

Mold and Mildew

Water is a very powerful force during a rainstorm but the aftermath can be just as damaging.    Get it dried up right away or your next foe will be mold and mildew.     It looks bad but the long term effects of mold on your health are more than enough reason to get this taken care of without delay.

Whether you go to Buildzoom, Angie’s List or Google for testimonials on RJ Construction’s expertise, you can be confident that their experienced staff will advise, educate and walk you through to a safe, new roof!