Texas summers can make it pretty expensive to keep cool, but factors like energy efficient roofing technology can affect the indoor temperature! From upgrading your current roof to installing a brand new energy efficient roofing system, there are many ways to help keep your home cool.

Energy Efficient Roofing Technology:

To start off with, there are certain roofing systems that are specifically designed to be “cool roofs”. These cool roofs are much more energy efficient than a standard roofing system. A “cool roof” is one that has been designed to absorb less heat and reflect more sunlight. Other technology includes coatings/paints that are highly reflective and can be applied to normal roofing systems as an upgrade. Most energy efficient roofing technology upgrades are more expensive than non- energy efficient options. But they have the capability to keep your home up to 50 degrees cooler than a normal system.

Roofing Color:

This is the most basic form of sun or heat roof defense and can change how much heat a roof absorbs by 10 to 15°F. Darker roofing materials allow heat to become trapped, and then absorbed into the attic. Lighter roofing materials actually help reflect heat from sun rays and hold less heat than a darker roof. The main thing to remember with color decisions is that the same effect holds true year round. The roof that reflects sunlight and absorbs less heat in the summer, will do the same in the winter. This can be a disadvantage to some in more snowy climates than ours in Texas. Farther north in more wintery settings, a darker roof that absorbs heat can help melt snow in the winter!

Construction Style:

You can have a perfect roof, but if your attic isn’t insulated properly your home temperature will still suffer. No energy efficient roofing system is complete without insulation and ventilation. Insulation and ventilation installation are the two most important factors in keeping your energy bills down in the Texas heat! Makes sure that the heat that is absorbed by your roof is quickly pushed back outside, and not kept in your home with proper ventilation. Without insulation, all of the hard work down by the ventilation and AC unit is largely wasted. But with a properly constructed attic and ventilation system, any excess heat making it through the roof shouldn’t affect your thermostat.

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