Getting roof maintenance done in the fall is a great step to help make sure your roof has an easier winter! Ice, snow, strong winds, and other damaging elements can turn a small roof issue into a much larger one. So it’s important to make sure your roof is as healthy as possible before any winter weather heads your way. Taking care of roof maintenance is easier than you think! Here are a few important maintenance milestones to hit:


If you don’t have gutter guards on your home, making sure your gutters don’t get clogged is very important. Clogged gutters come with the risk of causing a range of water damage issues, from mold to structural problems. In the winter season when water doesn’t flow off your roof correctly, the collecting water can create ice damns.


Tired of cleaning leaves out of your gutters? Trimming the trees around your home can help reduce the number of leaves hitting the roof! Remove branches that are close enough to cause roof damage, and visually inspect the trees for signs of disease, rot, or dead branches.


Getting an inspection in the fall is always a good idea for roof maintenance. Catching small repairs before ice and wind can make them worse is a budget-friendly move, and it’s easier to get those potential repairs done before the weather takes a turn for the worse! Some homeowners aren’t able to see the wind and hail damage from spring and summer storms, so getting a professional to take a close look is the best way to know if repairs are needed.

If you need help making sure your roof is ready for fall and winter, give RJ Construction a call! Our team can inspect your roof for any damage, and give you peace of mind for the holidays. Get your Fall Roof Maintenance done today!